Using Shape Maker

    With Shape Maker, you can turn an image into your own unique, printable 3D model.

    Creating or finding an image

    Start by creating or finding an image you want to turn into a model. Thick lines against a high-contrast background work best. For example, if you are drawing the image, you could use a black felt marker on white paper.

    Turning the image into a model

    1. Tap on the Shape Maker icon. Use the camera interface to take a picture of your image, or tap the thumbnail in the bottom right corner to use a photo from your iPad’s photo album.
    2. Shape Maker will mark the areas it sees as part of your image in green. This green area will be turned into your 3D model. Use the slider on the right to adjust the balance in the picture until the green area looks like the model you want to create. Then tap the checkmark in the top right corner.
    3. Shape Maker will turn the selected parts of your image into a 3D model. Scale and crop the image as needed. Then use the icons on the right to edit the model. You can modify the height of the model and what type of backing it will have.
    4. Tap Print to send the model directly to a Fifth Generation MakerBot 3D Printer. Tap Save to save the model to your MakerBot Cloud Library so you can print it later with any MakerBot 3D printer. Click here for more information about printing with the PrintShop app.

    NOTE: MakerBot Printshop is no longer in development and is NOT compatible with the MakerBot Print software. Please use the MakerBot Desktop software to access your Cloud Library.

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